Game Over, 14th October

Posted by Kev Tombeur on October 15, 2017


It was a fairly quiet day’s gaming at the refurbished RUCC last Saturday, apart from the laughter!  Thankyou to all who showed up for a fine day’s entertainment.  Alan, Amy, Bryn, Emma, Graeme, Kev, Rima, Rob, Sarah, Simon & Tony.

Here’s what happened:

Tony lit up the lake.



At the final whistle Simon had a blast.


Amy Chateau ver the boys.


Yes please, for Graeme



Tony cut the wheat down to size.


Tony is closest to a full century


Graeme champions again.


Rob goes supersonic


Alan finally gets cultured


Where there’s muck, there’s Kev


Tony heads off the opposition


Bryn sinks the others.


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